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MISUMI for customized parts

When fabricating custom parts, starting from raw materials gives you flexibility. However, it is time consuming and design changes can mean starting from scratch. It’s faster if you can find some part off the shelf to modify. For example, for custom optomechanics, we like to start with some part from Thorlabs or a similar company,

Personal laser cutter

It’s easy to underestimate the implications of running a laser cutter. Toxic fumes, tons of space occupied (machine and stock materials), breakdowns. It’s maybe not worth it since there are so many companies that will ship you laser cut parts in a day or so. However, there’s no turn-around like in-house, and some applications might

Superhydrophobic spray-on coating now available

Neverwet is now available for about $20. This is a spray-on, 2-part superhydrophobic coating (translucent when dry). What would it be useful for in a lab? For starters, spraying it on anything that needs to be cleaned regularly might make it easier to clean. Also, it can vastly improve sample recovery. Leave almost nothing left