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OpenMV – Fast and easy machine vision

OpenMV is an open source machine vision system. It’s designed to be easy-to-use, with a gentle learning curve. They want this to be the “Arduino of Machine Vision”. The software IDE is free and open. The hardware is available from Sparkfun and other places. Color blob detection, eye and pupil tracking, motion detection, etc. You

Pixy computer vision for tracking mouse behavior

Pixy is an open source computer vision system. Mostafa Nashaat, Robert Sachdev, and colleagues including Matthew Larkum have developed software for use with the Pixy, that can be used to track mouse behavior, including free movement around an enclosure (top image), or track the movement of individual whiskers (bottom image), all at 50 Hz. Here’s

ACQ4: A Python-based open source system for neurophysiology

Luke Campagnola, Megan Kratz, and Paul Manis recently published their in-house software for neurophysiology experiments. It’s an extensive set of tools, including multiphoton imaging, photostimulation mapping, image mosaic construction, electrophysiology, and more. Website: acq4.org

Pixy for easy Arduino machine vision

Carnegie Mellon is a magical place for robotics, and their CMUcam, an open source hardware project for machine vision, has recently culminated in Pixy. This is a wildly funded Kickstarter project (funded at 400-500% right now, and it’s just halfway through it’s 1 month period). Pixy is an easy-to-use machine vision module than can interface