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OSX features I wish Windows had

Migrating back to Windows after years of using OSX, there are some features I miss.

Default Folder X (link)
Right click on the file name in the title bar to find out what folder that file came from.

AutoHotKey for repetitive tasks

This the favorite tip Labrigger has received this week. Here it is, unedited, and in its entirety:

I often use autohotkey for repetitive file naming and key remapping when I am forced to use clunky software on a…

ZappyLab Kickstarter: 1 week left!

This is exactly up the alley of what Labrigger is interested in supporting. There’s just one week left in their Kickstarter campaign. As of this writing, 300 people have contributed $30,000. With one final push this last week, they’ll meet their goal.

They want to crowd source…


Christoph Schmidt-Hieber and his collaborators Guzman and Schlogel have developed a cross platform (Linux, Windows, and OS X) application for analyzing electrophysiology data. Here’s the paper (open access). And here’s the code’s website.

A key…

Stop Safari from reloading tabs

Apple’s Safari web browser v5.1 has an annoying behavior where tabs reload/refresh like crazy. This can cause lost work and data.

Disable the problematic behavior this way:
1. Close Safari

2. Open a terminal and enter this command

defaults write com.apple.safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

3. Restart Safari. You should see a new menu to the right of…

Synchronizing multiple computers for experiments

In many rigs, multiple computers are used, and they need to talk to each other. For example, one computer handles the imaging, another…

OSX: Spotlight problem

Quick OSX tip: if you’re finding that your OSX system is quite busy even though you haven’t asked anything of it, check to see if the processes “mds” and “mdworker” are chewing up CPU cycles (view active processes in Activity Monitor).

If so, then this…

NEURON + Python in OSX

Post by Christoph Schmidt-Hieber


Here are some relatively pain-free instructions to get NEURON to run with Python support on OS X.

1. Install XCode 3.x. XCode 4 will not work (*). You can get it from…

Baudline: Signal analysis

Baudline software (Linux/OSX) is free software for analyzing the spectral components of signals. It’s really well-made and has a lot of features. This can be useful for analyzing LFPs, audio…


You probably caught the article about the group who runs their laser-trapping experiments using an app they wrote for iOS on the iPad. This sparked a commentary about apps in science. What about some other apps for handheld and tablet computing?

Reference organization

In general, when it comes to…

Hopes for the New Year

Here’s the news Labrigger hopes to see in 2011.

New developments with optical indicators

A new, super bright fluorescent protein that blows the doors off of GFP-based proteins.
Bright, far-red dyes with huge 2p cross-sections.
Higher S:N genetically-encoded voltage and…

Some OSX programs & tips

This is just a quick post to highlight a few Mac OSX programs & tips that you might find useful.


Default Folder – This is how all save file dialogs should work. Watch the video….