Tag: water jet cutting

Inventables: raw materials source

Inventables is a web retailer with a decent site that makes it easy to find raw materials and interesting components. E.g., stretch-sensing rubber and conductive velcro. Inventables is to McMaster-Carr as SparkFun is to Mouser. It’s run out of Chicago. Haven’t tried them, but probably will.

Laser-like water jet cutting

Micro Waterjet has an abrasive-based technique that enables laser-like precision for machinging small parts. The benefits are: no heat damage/distortion, and materials that are toxic when burned can be machined to laser precision. The jet itself is about 0.35mm in diameter, and this helps them achieve cutting precision of 0.01mm and positioning precision of +/-0.003mm.

Tips for laser cutting

It’s not too hard to find a laser cutting firm that will do small orders and offer very rapid turn around. The precision, quick turn around, and the ability to work without proper CAD files make it an attractive option for making custom parts. We’ve used laser cutting for project enclosures, anesthesia tube holders, light