MakerBeam: cheap construction rails

A while back Labrigger covered some sources for alternative mechanics. Here’s a new one. MakerBeam is an inexpensive kit of construction rails aka T-slot bars. This would be a great thing to keep around the lab to construct various riggings. A $130 kit from SparkFun gets you all this:

  • 4x – 30cm beam
  • 8x – 20cm beam
  • 6x – 15cm beam
  • 16x – 10cm beam
  • 8x – 6cm beam
  • 8x – 4cm beam
  • 12x – outside corner bracket
  • 12x – 45 degree bracket
  • 12x – 60 degree bracket
  • 24x – 90 degree bracket
  • 1x – bag of bolts
  • 1x – bag of nuts
  • The MakerBeam system’s best feature may be that the angle brackets are labeled with their angle in turns, a somewhat less used unit than degrees or radians. It doesn’t really matter (1 turn = 360 degrees, obviously), but it quickly ignited an impassioned discussion in the comments of the product page.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    Haha, oh open source. Only you would do something helpful like engrave the angle in each bracket, but render it useless by using some obscure unit…

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